5 Benefits of Vacationing at Gatlinburg Condos with Pools

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BY Highlands 2016-08-08 06:51:35 TRAVEL

Highlands Condos offers the ultimate accommodations for your summer getaway to the Smokies! In addition to comfortable condos with private balconies, stunning mountain views, and fully furnished kitchens, we offer two refreshing swimming pools for our guests to enjoy. Here are the top five benefits of vacationing at our Gatlinburg condos with pools:

1. Cool Off on a Hot Summer Day A swimming pool presents the perfect opportunity to get refreshed on a hot summer afternoon or after a day of sightseeing in Gatlinburg. Since the temperatures can rise quickly in East Tennessee during the summer months, the swimming pools at Highlands Condos are sure to be a popular hangout on your vacation. However, in those cases where the weather might get a bit cooler, you can still enjoy a swim in our solar power heated pool!

2. A Fun Activity for Kids It is no secret that almost all kids love to go swimming, so imagine their excitement when they arrive at Highlands Condos and see our fun pools! Since most families do not have a swimming pool at their own home, our pools offer a truly special opportunity for children. In addition to splashing around and swimming, many kids find that they make new friends at the pool. As a bonus for parents, your children are sure to burn off a tremendous amount of energy while swimming, which means they should sleep perfectly through the night!

3. Excellent Exercise Opportunity Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or simply trying to work off the morning's breakfast, our pools are excellent for exercise! Whether you are swimming a few laps or hopping around in the pool with the kids, you are sure to burn off plenty of calories. After all, swimming is one of the best known cardiovascular exercises, as it works virtually every muscle in your body. In addition, there is no need to worry about breaking a sweat, as you can keep cool the entire time that you are exercising.

4. Perfect for Relaxation There is just something soothing about hanging around the pool. When you take a dip in the water, you allow your body to feel rejuvenated and relaxed, which helps to relieve your stress. Kick back in a comfortable chair by the pool as your soak up the delightful Gatlinburg afternoon sun, and then hop into the pool to cool off. For some additional relaxation after your swim, check out our outdoor hot tub, indoor hot tub, or our two toasty saunas!

5. Social Atmosphere Our swimming pools naturally become a popular gathering spot for families on vacation at Highlands Condos. This presents a fantastic opportunity to socialize with other guests and meet people from around the country and the world. Kids will love the chance to meet other kids, and adults often make new friends that they keep in touch with long after their vacation in the Smokies is over. As you can see, there are many wonderful benefits to booking Gatlinburg condos with pools. Contact Highlands Condos today to book your summer getaway with us! Follow the link to learn about all of our fantastic Gatlinburg condo amenities.