5 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy a 2 Bedroom Condo in Gatlinburg TN

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BY Highlands 2016-08-08 06:49:02 TRAVEL
A vacation in Gatlinburg isn’t at it’s full potential for fun until you book a 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TN with us at Highlands Condos. We offer many different amenities for your enjoyment in all of our condos, and we also have several perks that come with renting from us alone. Here are a few of the many reasons why one of our 2 bedroom condos will provide you and your group with the kind of lodging you need for the best Gatlinburg vacation possible:
  1. Privacy

Probably the best part about booking a 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TN is the amount of privacy you get compared to other rental options, which could be why our 2 bedroom units are our most popular units we have available. If you are vacationing as a family with children, 2 bedroom condos are perfect for using one bedroom for yourself and spouse, while letting the children entertain themselves in a bedroom of their own. Doing that alone makes the vacation more fun for all.
  1. Saves Money

If you’re vacationing with extended family or friends, there is room to save money when booking a 2 bedroom cabin in comparison to some other lodging options. One group can use one bedroom, while the others have bedroom number two. This allows everyone to spend time together in the same condo, but have their own space, which is a more affordable option than renting two different spaces. It also allows for more time spent bonding together, rather than spending time apart and only meeting for activities.
  1. Mountain Views

We offer many condos with excellent views of the Great Smoky Mountains and downtown Gatlinburg. If you rent a 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TN with a balcony, you’ll have great mountain views that stretch for miles. On your balcony, we provide you with comfortable chairs perfect for gazing at the gorgeous mountain tops, or even the stars.
  1. Close to Downtown

Not only will you have an excellent view of downtown, but you will be just on the outskirts of where all the action happens. In downtown Gatlinburg, there are tons of options for shopping, attractions, restaurants and more, and when you stay in one of our condos you will be extremely close to it all.
  1. Home-Cooked Meals

If you don’t feel like eating out, when you book your 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TN with us, you will have an entire kitchen fully furnished and ready for use. That means you can bring home with you on vacation, and create a home cooked meal with or for your family to enjoy. You can even enjoy your meal out to the balcony, and eat it while taking in all of the beautiful scenery you are surrounded by. Ready to start planning your vacation in a 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TN? Be sure to CLICK HERE to choose the condo that's best for you!